Privacy Policy

  •    Applicability of the Privacy Protection Policy

    -     When you browse throughthe D'eborah website, we will gather data from you in order to improve userexperience and to assist us to provide you with more quality service.

    -     The Privacy ProtectionPolicy includes the handling of personal identification information gatheredduring your use of our website services. It is intended to make you aware ofthe information details that we gather during your visit to our website, how weuse this information gathered and the fact that we have set forth safetymeasures to protect this information.

    -     The Privacy ProtectionPolicy is not applicable to companies besides D'eborah nor is it applicable topersonnel not hired or managed by D'eborah.

       Data Gathering and Usage Method

    -     When you use our websiteand obtaining data from our website, you agree to the assigned goals andpurposes per this policy. They can be information gathering, using anddisclosing the information we have gathered.

    -     “Personal Information”refers to any information that can be used to identify a person, includingname, I.D. number, gender, birthdate, telephone number, mailing address, e-mailaddress and other data that come with the purchase of product or service. We willonly gather your personal information when you voluntarily provide suchinformation to us. D'eborah will not sell or lend out your personalidentification information.

       Browsing Information Cookies

    -     Cookies are a type oftechnique that web servers use to communicate with user’s browser, which cansave certain information to user’s computer. Use of Cookies has already becomean industrial standard in terms of website management and is seen in manywebsites. Through your browser setting, you can accept all Cookies, rejectCookies or choose to be notified when a website is performing Cookies setting.For user’s convenience, this website uses Cookies to allow us to identify you.This can help the website to gather information on how and when you visit thewebsite. Gathering this information is helpful for us as we continue to improvethis website and provide you services that are more suited to your needs.

       Revision of Privacy Protection Policy

    -     D'eborah has the rightto revise this policy at its own discretion. We will announce on the websiteand notify you of related matters when we are making major revisions to therules related to the use of personal information.

       Comments and Suggestions

    -     If you have any commentsor suggestions, please feel free to CONTACT US.